Monday, February 14, 2011

Be Made to make.

I attend a church in Austin called The Austin Stone Community Church. It is a church of fairly young people, from high schoolers to college students to newylweds and young families. It is a church of growth and teaching where they desire to train people to go out and make disciples for Jesus. You can read more about their mission and purpose here.

Yesterday, Pastor Carter finished up his series on Heaven. He had taught us on the torment of Hell and I encourage you to listen to that sermon as well. But, I wanted to highlight yesterday's sermon. I can not fully give this sermon justice so you must listen to it. I know we don't all have time to sit and stare at a computer for 40 minutes, but download it and listen to it in the car. Or while you do the laundry. Or, my personal fave, while you bake. Make time to listen to it. And when I say listen, I mean engage and understand. It will remind you just how good God is and just how much He loves us. Then, as you find the time, go back and listen to the other sermons of the series. Once you listen and learn, then share it with friends. Be made into a disciple to that you can make disciples.

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