Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A cookie, a cake ball, a country dance, and a new CD.

Yesterday was indeed Valentines Day. The day where love is in the air and if it is not, then you stuff your face with chocolates and pretend it's the one day a year that you do that. But, I am in fact dating someone. His name is Reid. Yes, we met in college. Yes, I am only a freshman. But, Reid is great. Some of his greatest qualities are his integrity, his spontaneity, his compassion, and his love for Jesus.

Earlier yesterday, I received a box of Tiffs Treat's cookies from my parents who I guess decided that just in case Reid didn't come through, I would still have some warm cookies. Well, the cookies were delicious, but Reid came through. Knowing I am not one for cheesy heart necklaces, Reid hands me a tin of Austin Cake Balls. Now that's a boy who knows a way to a girl's heart: cake and chocolate. Let's just say, we were off to a good start.

After a cup of coffee and a not so delightful piece of ginger cake, me and Reid decide to head to Mt. Bonnell- a natural spot in Austin with a breathtaking view of the lake and city. Upon arrival, we discover that everyone else who has a Valentine decided to come to Mt.Bonnell. So, Reid, being the expert navigator that he is, knows another spot. Unfortunately, where he abounds in navigation, he apparently lacks in creativity because that spot is packed too. Long story short, we end up on the roof of a parking garage that overlooks the city- a spot he took me to on one of our first dates (which was less than 4 months ago).

Before reading this next part, it is important that you know that Reid danced in high school. And by dancing, I mean, he knows a lot of country-western moves, can throw girls in all sorts of tricks, and loves him a good country song. You should also know, I can't dance. AT ALL. But, of course, it's 10 o'clock, we are under the stars and over the city...do you see where I am heading. After finding a decent country song, we began to dance. Yes, a little back and forth country sway and occasionally some more "advanced" moves that I will never be able to repeat. But, it doesn't matter. It was fun. It was spontaneous. And, I enjoyed every single minute.

After he dropped me off, of course I couldn't go to sleep- I mean, I had just danced under the stars for crying out loud. So, I of course check all forms of communication that I hadn't check in 3 hours. Facebook. Email. Grades. Blog. Twitter. I come across about 50 statuses and/or tweets about the new Hillsong United CD, Aftermath. Within minutes I had it uploaded and began to fill my ears with the sweet worship that music creates.

So, my day started with a cookie and ended with a new CD. As for the cake ball and the country dance, they were sweet reminders that life is indeed good.

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  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful Valentine's day and night. SO FUN!!! Can't wait to see those dance moves.