Tuesday, February 8, 2011


When I started this blog, I thought, "Man, this will be fun, it will give me something to do in my free time." That was on a snow day when all I had was free time. Today, different story. I can't find free time. Ya, there are some down moments, but in these down moments, all I can think about is what I should be doing to get ready for the busy moments. All this to say, I am going to try to post often. But, it might not happen. I mean, we can't all be Pioneer Woman.

However, while I am focused, I will share with you a few things I did (actually I ate) this weekend. Obviously, my selections are from Austin, so I am sorry reader who lives in Chicago and to my mom in Houston, since she is probably the only one reading this blog. Anyways, following an amazing church service at Austin Stone Community Church (see below), I, my parents, and one of my sisters, Seliece, went to brunch. Vespaio Enoteca. Ya, don't ask, because I couldn't begin to tell you what those two words mean. All you need to know is that it is secretly delicious. Located on South Congress (possibly the quaintest street in downtown Austin), the menu is deceiving. You read it and then you get out your pocket sized culinary dictionary (don't tell me you don't have one), and you try to decipher menu items like "jambon royal" and "sieved egg watercress." My first thought was, "Oh crap, I came just wanting to eat and now I can't eat or read." Meanwhile...

My parents and sister ask the waiter questions in hopes of her saying, "We can just fry you an egg, cook you some cheese grits, and slather maple syrup on some pancakes." She didn't. But, we ordered anyways. Seliece chose the safe route. Two eggs scrambled with corn polenta. My dad chose sweet. Pancakes with bacon. My mom and I chose hollandaise, I mean eggs benedict. Mine had ham, her's had spinach and tomato. 5 cups of coffee later (no, the service wasn't slow, we just drink a lot of coffee)...

Our food arrives. Looks fancy. Smells incredible. Take a few bites, pause for effect, sigh with contentment, and try all of the other dishes. How to describe my eggs benedict. Perfect. The hollandaise was not too rich, but gave the dish a creamy and satisfying feel. They poached the eggs in such a manner that the yolk was like the gift and the whites were the wrapping paper. The ham was shaved so thinly that is was more of an after-taste- a salty, mouthwatering after taste. And the best part: the bread. Not a traditional english muffin or biscuit. I don't even know what it was. It was like thick toast but crunchy on the outside and warm and fluffy on the inside. I hope you are jealous.

Corn polenta as a side. Where are the grits? Where are the biscuits and gravy? No my friends, it is all about the corn polenta. I am not going to try to describe these. Just know: creamy, thick, full of texture, perfect seasoning, divine.

Each dish we ordered had unique flair. I will stop letting you in on this dining experience- you have to go for yourself. Take a friend or five (so you can try everything else, duh). I know brunch is only served on Sundays, so plan accordingly. Oh, and for this meal, no need to starve yourself for 5 days prior, it leaves you satisfied but not stuffed. South Congress, great atmosphere, yummy food, oh and the serving staff is really nice too (and patient).

*Sidenote for Austin Stone Community Church- It is a local Austin church that I attend. Each week, the sermons challenge you in your faith and, during worship, the presence of Jesus is truly there. I encourage you, as you desire to grow in your walk with the Lord and know Him better, you should visit Austin Stone, or download their free weekly sermon podcast.*

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  1. Thanks for distracting me from studying for a good 30 minutes, as I read these posts and then proceeded to click on about 5 other blogs in the "Blogs I follow" and dream about dessert, and conclude that your blog is best!