Friday, February 4, 2011

Sorry about it.

I have always thought it would be kinda cool to lead a double life. Ya know. One thing by day, another thing by night. Well, in college that is really easy to do. Hard working student by day- party animal by night. Well, I am not one who typically enjoys frattin it up, so I had to come up with a different plan.

Blogging. It is perfect. You can write about whatever you want and no one ever has to know. Some people might stumble upon it and if they like it, great, but it doesn't really matter. So (as of yesterday) I decided I would make a blog. A food blog. Write about recipes and restaurants and whatever else I want.

It was going along great. I had officially become a closet blogger. Until lunch. I made it a whole 24 hours and then I slipped. You see, I have a friend named Liza. She is like the perfect girl. Every boy loves her and every girl wants to be her. At lunch, she says she finished her homework and her blog. What? Liza, THE Liza, the most popular girl in the state of Texas says she finished her blog. Within seconds my mind starts having a million connections. If Liza is cool, and Liza blogs, then blogging is cool. So I blurt out, I have a blog too. Come to find out, Liza's blog was a homework assignment. Dang it. I should have known she was talking about homework. Do I recant my statement? Do I defend blogs? Do I ignore it altogether? No. I get red in the face. Now, the whole table tunes in. They come to the conclusion that blogging can in fact be funny and entertaining. HOWEVER, I NEVER disclosed the name of my blog.

So, for now, I remain in the closet. I keep my double life. But, I inspired one my friends, best known as E.Lynch, to start a blog. It is a must read. But, I will continue to keep my blog a secret, for the sake of dignity. I will continue to write and will wait for the day when one of my friends comes across it and finds that I in fact blog as if I am a 30 year old, stay at home, soccer mom...sorry about it.

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