Friday, February 4, 2011

Dessert to Warm You.

I don't know where you live, but I am from Houston and now live in Austin and 60 degrees requires a turtleneck, scarf, a jacket, and boots. This week, temperatures have reached the teens and last night snow fell. I now sit in my bed wearing 2 shirts, a jacket, 2 layers of pants, and socks, all while being packed under 4 blankets, one that even generates heat. Besides a nice bowl of Texas chili and warm cornbread, I could really go for a warming dessert. Unfortunately, kitchens are not readily available in college dorms...who knew. So, I will let you in on a "to die for" dessert.

I first made this recipe for my dad. He is a HUGE lover of bread pudding. He was convinced the best bread pudding was at a popular Houston restaurant, Post Oak Grill.
Then, he came home to a kitchen filled with the aroma of butter, cream, and sugar. As we ate dinner, the mystery dessert baked. When the timer rang, it was a mad-dash to the oven to finally find out what had been tormenting our noses. As I revealed the warm, golden brown dessert, my dad resorted to taking pictures of it with his iPhone. We dished it out IMMEDIATELY and added a nice dollop of whip cream. Then, we died in peace. But seriously, we enjoyed every bite and I know you will too. It is a must.

Bread Pudding. My first reaction: Ew, soggy bread. Ina Garten's approach on bread pudding: croissants. Divine. Buttery, dense croissants, soaked in creamy milk, stuffed with raisins (or berries) and baked to golden perfection. Yes my friends, it will warm up any weather blues. Please check out this simple dessert and eat some in my honor (even though you have no idea who I am).

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